Simplicity. Transparency. Trust.

Before diving into the specifics, it's essential to understand why we developed this product. Over the past 6-12 months, we've observed that the market making sphere is saturated with providers of varying reliability and reputation. Two major barriers consistently arise: trust and understanding. We encounter projects with 10% spreads and minimal depth, either not grasping the necessity of pair maintenance or understanding its importance but lacking faith in service providers.

Our solution? We offer users access to a comprehensive array of liquidity metrics, live 24/7, through a tangible, interactive product. The ultimate objective is to deliver a self-service liquidity platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional SaaS Market Makers currently in operation. -

The State of Cryptocurrency Markets

Cryptocurrency is at a crossroads. Beyond the eye-catching headlines about skyrocketing prices lies an insidious issue— a liquidity crisis. This isn't a minor problem to ignore; it undermines the fundamental health of a market. While the crisis may not be front-page news, it's a reality, fuelled by wash trading, fake volume, and rampant speculation. The reported high trading volumes for many cryptocurrencies create an illusion of a liquid market, but a closer look often reveals a disturbing reality: real traders struggle to buy or sell assets.

SKL Trading: A Different Approach to Liquidity At SKL Trading, our philosophy is clear: focus on liquidity depth over volume or hype. Liquidity depth ensures a robust order book capable of absorbing both buy and sell pressures, minimizes slippage, and creates price stability. This approach isn't revolutionary; it has been a staple in equity markets since as far back as 1626 when market makers offered liquidity for shares of the Dutch East India Company. What's needed today is to adapt this time-tested wisdom to the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Introducing genuine market making we founded SKL Trading with this vision in mind. Our proprietary market making algorithms work tirelessly to ensure depth of liquidity on both the buy and sell sides at all times.

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